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My baby cục cưng. Love u so much <3


Agrrr. Chua bao gio ngoi thien ma nan nhu bay gioooo. Fckkk. Not even 10 min of concentration. Chân tê nữa. Nghiệp chăng. Huhuhu. Sao cu phai chiu canh restart nay hoai. Dung la muon tu ma ko de chut nao


90% recovered. Back and running smooth. This feeling is invincible. I'd not do anything to jeopardize all my effort putting out last month


Hoa nở hoa tàn, tự ta tự tại
Rong ruổi tâm tình, khắp thế gian



Laying the first brick for the home of my mind. It's hard. All start over again. Eventhough I've been through this, but sometimes frustration is unavoidable. I won't expect much from it. 2nd day, 20 min a session is good enough. I see the transformation of the mìnd state, even though just a little. Hmm, now go back to study for a test and will try for another session at the end of the day


I don't play games

I only play music :)

Games, I don't have time for it. Don't really into it. Plain and simple is what I want, yet sometimes it's not the way I thought. Now it's the source of all misunderstanding. People may perceive that I'm weird, I have to agree if I put myself in their shoes.

The thing is, I don't really care what people think, that's why I keep doing what I've been doing. I don't see the need to change myself in a way to show people this is how I am, what I am. Why do I have to do that ? I don't really need someone to understand me, or that's what I thought

:)) I see many disadvantages came from this already, yet nothing big enough to change my way of doing things.

Let see how it goes


Desocialize for some time

I feel the need to desocialize for some time. To get back the balance, or may be Im feeling there's noone out there that I can share.


thanh thản

ko có sự mong cầu nào khi đạt dc mang lại sự thanh thản tuyệt đối, trừ phi hiểu dc sự ko toại nguyện là 1 phần của cuộc sống này và hãy thản nhiên với nó :)

and of course, we're still good :)

Even though I have to admit I was frustrated at first, don't know what to do. But well, I leave it to fate. If this road is close, I go the other way. Longer path of course, but I won't give up


No progress

I've been busy study for the exam. My mind so irritated couldn't stablize. What used to take 30' now more than an hr and a half to bring to the same mind state. Oh well, 3 more days i'll be done. After that, lot of time will be dedicated to. Niceeeee, can't wait :))


Can&apos;t meditate today

Dont know why. May be Im too tired and my blood is lack of oxygene or maybe today there's a thought of hatred in my mind. That's why metta meditation is really important while u on the path because it protect the mind. Well go to sleep now. Try back tomorow. Eversince installed blogger app, i bloged in 2 weeks more than the previous 2 years lol



Where I should belong to. So now I can actually talk and interact with those who understand what I'm talking about. I guess this blog now become my meditation journal :) fb quả là chốn thị phi. That's why for so long I just posting some funny jokes about whatever :)


Feeling good

I donate blood today, feeling good knowing Im saving life :) I wanted to share the joy on fb but on a second thought, how those dumb ass out there truly knows? What a disturbed world we live in. People share their clubbing pictures, food pictures ... is OK, but when someone share their good merit like charity trip, retreat, they think it's fake. LOL this life don't pay for acting so I don't need to act for you fools. I do what I want to do and I enjoy it :) Donating blood feels good and I will be a regular donor. And I want to share the merits with everyone. Sadhu sadhu sadhu


new shy friend

I got a new friend I've been longing to meet for almost a year. I think she so shy, this is our 3rd encounter already. As if I was setting up a bait lol cuz everytime I look at her when she came, she disappear, but I did have my chance to to look at her. She's beautiful lol. Well I have to maintain concentration if I want to see her again. Her name is Nimitta

kekeke, too excited everytime and she just disappeared. This stage is called access concentration. I wonder if within another year can I reach to Jhanas :) I must be calming myself, I can't be excited like this if I want to progress on lol



Im so freaking happy everyday that I can't share to anyone. I can't just go on fb and was like "anh vui qua e ơi" lol. The joy from meditation was awesome. I'm amazed everyday reading Dhamma, how materiality/mentality function. I feel sorry for loved ones and close friend can not understand this, and yet I must be very lucky :) I wish I keep making progress till Jhanas. Hmm after one year I think I just reach new stage. Nimitta, finally I know what it is. Now I need to concentrate more to reach Jhanas. Yes I beleive I can do it :))


Basic Buddhism

Katelynn msg me and ask about Buddhism and meditation. I replied her, then thought I would save it somewhere else because offering dhamma is the best offering. Here goes:

There’re 4 noble truth you need to know
Basically Buddha said this life is suffering, impermanent, and non-self. Those 4 noble truth will explain the suffering, cause of suffering, cessation of suffering, and the path
When you understand the the suffering, then the path is called eightfold path. They are:
- Ethical conduct  ( Giới )
3.  Right speech
4.  Right action
5.  Right livelihood
- Samādhi: mental discipline, concentration, meditation ( Định )
6. Right effort
7. Right mindfulness
8. Right concentration
- Wisdom  ( Tuệ )
 1.  Right view
2.  Right intention
Most books in bookstore is about philosophy, how to deal with daily problems, they are more about Ethical conduct and wisdom. But don’t explain the whole idea
So why meditate ? Meditate to the point that your mind is completely peaceful, you will see things as it really is, true ultimate reality. Just as you want to observe the moon through water in a bowl, when water not moving, you will see the reflection of the moon clearly. This is the case here, when you meditate reach to Jhana, you will see your body ( or everything else ) make up by particles called Rupa-Kalapas. Those particles were born and died instantaneously, thousands of times per second. So at this point you know that everything is impermanent ( suffering )

Questions and answers – good book to start J
Teaching and training

Meditation method ( Mindfulness of breathing )
Basic principle of mediation is your mind not thinking anything except the object of meditation, in this case, your in-breath and out-breath
1st step:
-          Sit comfortably, keep your back straight, you can have a small cushion if you sit for long period of time. Right hand on top of left hand ( as long as u feel comfortable )
-          Observe your in-breath and out-breath. Do not let your mind drift away. You can use the counting method. After each  in-breath, out-breath, count 1. Then in-breath, out-breath, count 2 Continue to 8, then back at one. Please remember the object is your breath, not the counting, don’t concentrate on the counting and forget the breath
-          Observe your breath at the point of contact of the air and your nostril. Don’t follow the air into or out of your body. Just observe right at the contact point. Again, the breath should be the object of meditation, don’t pay attention to the touching of air to your nostril. The touching sensation is just a way to know your breath. If you pay too much attention on the touch sensation, you feel blood pressure on your face
Buddha give 3 examples:
1.       The gatekeeper. Your job as a gate keeper. Whenever a “in-breath” comes in, you know. Whenever a “out-breath” going out, you know. You don’t have to know what they doing inside or outside. You don’t follow your breath in and out of your body
2.       A swing. Imagine you’re sitting on a ground observing a swing. When your breath swings by you, you know
3.       A saw. Imagine your breath going through your nostril as a saw going through a tree. Every blade of a saw touching, brush through  back and forth the tree at the contact point

If you can simply observe your in breath and outbreath for 1 hour straight. It's time to go to step 2


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